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Games for Poker Night!


      Ah, now we've reached the fun part!  Having a wide variety of games at your poker night keeps things interesting, keeps the players on their toes, and just makes it a good fun time for everyone.  Don't get me wrong, I love Texas Hold'em - but after a while it's nice to have some change, not to mention more impressive winning hands!  Here's a selection of the favorites from my poker nights - enjoy!

  • Texas Hold'em - The classic;  rules for both tournament and cash games.

  • 7-Card Stud - Another classic, on which many of the others below are based.

  • Chase the Queen - A variation on 7-card stud with varying wild cards...

  • Low Hole - In this version of 7-card stud, every player has at least one wild card...

  • Baseball - Special cards all over the place, but they might cost ya...

  • Blind Poker - How do you feel about betting on a hand that you haven't even seen?  

  • Night Baseball - A version of blind poker, with some wild and interesting cards.

  • The Whole 9 Yards - Another blind poker game, with some interesting twists...

  • Anaconda - Also known as "Pass the Trash," it's a good way to screw your neighbor.

  • 3-5-7 - A very different game, but it can be addictive!

  • Plinko - Not technically a poker game, in this one you go for high or low numerical sums.



Of course, there are hundreds of other games out there!
You'll find plenty in my collection of Links...