House Rules







Low Hole


      A variation on 7-card stud, where every player has at least one wild card...


        This is just like 7-Card Stud, but with an interesting system for wild cards.  The lowest card that each individual player has face-down (aka "in the hole") is wild for that player - as are cards of the same value.  So if a player's face-down cards at the end of the hand are 7, 4, and 3, then all 3's in that player's hand are wild.  (Note:  Aces are always high compared to any other card for the purposes of determining the low-hold card.) 

        Now, notice that in 7-card stud, your last face-down card is the last card you receive.  So if you're in the middle of the game, with 2 face down and 4 face-up cards, and your low face-down card is a 5, and you have two 5's face-up, then you have THREE wild cards!  That's a good situation to be in.  But that last face-down card could be a 2; then your 5's would cease to be wild.  That's why there's the option to "buy" your last card face-up;  you can pay $2.00, for example, to have that last card be face-up instead of face-down, to protect a fragile  multiple-wild-card situation.  It sounds complicated in writing, but once you've played this game a few times, it'll make perfect sense!



       Give this game a shot - it's definitely one of the most enjoyable games I know.  Big hands tend to win, too - four of a kinds, straight flushes - I've even seen two five of a kinds go against each other!  It's a blast...