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      Part of the reason for why I published this guide is because there seems to be a lack of guides for just this kind of thing - hosting a poker night with friends.  There are plenty of hardcore competition sites out there, but this is, in my opinion, a better way to treat the game for most people.  Anyway, here are some other sites that you may want to check out:


  • Compendia's "Host a Night of Poker" - Some good tips for home poker!

  • HomePoker.com - A good general resource, plus a retailer of some equipment.

  • HomePokerTourney.com - Some excellent advice for setting up a home tournament - definitely check it out.

  • Poker777.com - In addition to information about games, rules, and strategy, this site has some excellent resources on online poker.  Careful, don't get addicted...

  • Casino Game Rules - While the rules on my site are customized for friendly games, they're not necessarily how things work elsewhere.  This site lays out the rules for many of the games you'll find in any casino.

  • Casino Game Strategies - Who doesn't want to win?  This guide shows you how, for some of the most common games found in casinos and elsewhere.

  • The Links on This Page - Yup, all those ads that Google is serving on this page are probably links to other poker resources of various kinds.  Check them out - and if you do, you're helping support Dave's Guide - thanks!


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