House Rules








      This is a strange little game, but it can be addictive.  Read carefully...


      Every player is dealt 3 cards face down; at this point, 3's are wild.  Each player holds their cards an inch above the table, and the dealer counts to three.  On "three," each player either drops their cards (if they don't want to "play" that hand), or holds them (if they do want to "play").  

  • If there is more than one played hand, each player of a played hand looks at all the other played hands;  the winner receives $2.00, and each loser pays $2.00.  (If there were three or more played hands, one loser pays the winner, and any other losers pay the pot.)

  • If there is only one played hand, that player receives a marker.  Once any player has three markers, that player has won the pot and the game is over.

  • If there are no played hands, nothing happens.  However, if there are ever three consecutive hands with no players, then ALL players pay the pot $2.00.

     Now all players (including the ones who didn't play the previous hand) are dealt an additional two cards.  3's are no longer wild; 5's are now wild.  The same process of dropping, comparing, etc (described in the bullet points above) takes place.

     Now all players are dealt an additional two cards; now only 7's are wild.  See the pattern?

     Now all cards are collected, shuffled, and the round of three starts again.  This continues until either one played gets three markers, or a player is dealt a natural "3-5-7" in the round of three.



      I used to love this game - then it got a little old, with the same poker crew.  We all started playing too conservatively to have fun with it.  However, for a good long while, this was a favorite of the group.  Give it a shot, and see what you think!