House Rules








      This game technically isn't poker, since players don't make poker hands - instead, it's about getting high or low numerical sums...


      Every player is dealt 5 cards face-down, and 6 cards are placed face-down in the middle of the table.  The ultimate goal is to have either the lowest or the highest numerical sum of the cards in your hand.  Each card is its face value;  all face cards are 10;  Aces are both 1 and 11, so that it's possible for a player to get both the highest and lowest sum.  

      A round of betting takes place.  In this game betting starts with the person with the greatest number of cards remaining in his hand;  ties go to the closest player to the left of the dealer.

      One of the cards in the middle of the table is flipped;  if it's a Jack, then everyone must discard any Jacks from their hands.  Another round of betting takes place.

      Another of the cards in the middle is flipped;  if it's the same as a previously flipped card, a card is taken from the top of the deck, so that the game will end up with 6 different flipped cards.  Again, players discard any of those cards in their hand, and bet again.

      This process continues till all center cards are flipped, and a final round of betting takes place before the pot is split between the highest- and lowest-sum hands.  



      This game is intense - what starts out looking like a great high hand could be slowly and painfully eroded into a terrible mid-range hand, or even a fantastic low hand!  There are many rounds of betting - and it's likely that, toward the end of the game, one player will be the obvious high or low hand because of a hugely different number of cards in his hand.  In that case, that player will bully everyone else, raising the max on every hand.  Watch out!