House Rules






Blind Poker


      A different kind of game - you still get 7 cards, and it's still poker, but you don't really know what you're getting into.  Heh heh.


        In blind poker, players can't look at their own hands.  Instead, each hand is revealed card by card, just so that it beats the previous high hand.  Once you have the highest showing hand, you can bet - and nobody can raise you.  That's pretty much all there is to it!



        7 cards are dealt face down to each player.  The player to the left of the deal turns one card; say it's a Jack.  That player now has the highest (actually, the only) showing hand;  he therefore has the right to bet any amount, and nobody can raise him - they either call or fold.  However, he wouldn't want to bet yet, because he knows pretty much nothing about his hand!
        On to the next player - he has to flip cards until he beats the reigning high hand.  Say his first card is a 10;  this does not beat a Jack.  Say his next card is a Jack - now he's high, because J-10 beats J-[nothing].  This player now has the right to bet, and then the next player has to try to beat him...


      We actually never play this basic version of blind poker - it's a little dull.  However, this is the basis for a couple of very entertaining games - check out Night Baseball and The Whole 9 Yards...