House Rules






Night Baseball


      This is a variation of Blind Poker that basically incorporates the special-card rules of Baseball.  Check it out...


        This is Blind Poker, with the following extra rules:

  • 3's are wild, but cost 2 basic units (50 cents).  They're not optional; you have to buy them or fold.

  • 9's are wild, but cost 4 basic units (1 dollar).  They're not optional; you have to buy them or fold.

  • 4's get you an immediate extra card from the top of the deck, face-up.  4's themselves are not wild.

  • The highest natural hand takes half the pot.  To be eligible for the natural hand, you have to have NO wild cards in any of the cards available to you.  (4's are okay - remember, they're not wild!)  Anyone with a natural hand after all their cards are out can stay in, but must continue to match bets made by other players, or fold.  If the high natural hand is also the high overall hand, that player takes the whole pot;  if there are no natural hands left at the end of the game, the highest overall hand takes the whole pot.


      This game is a lot of fun - it's good to see the drama of each player's hand unfolding before their eyes!  Try it out, and enjoy...