House Rules






The Whole 9 Yards


      This is a variation of Blind Poker that gives a little extra to any desperate players - and a nice bonus for a lucky one...


        This is Blind Poker, with the following extra rules:

  • Each player receives 7 cards face down.

  • Each player then receives two more cards face down; each player places 2 basic units (50 cents) on one, and 4 basic units (1 dollar) on the other.

  • Everyone plays blind poker as usual - but when a player has gone through all 7 normal cards and needs more to make the hand win, the player can "buy" the other two cards.  (Of course, the final poker hand will still be only 5 cards, but the player will have 8 or 9 from which to choose!)  The cards are bought one at a time, first the cheap one, then the expensive one.  If a player chooses NOT to play these cards, he gets the money that was originally placed on top of them back.

  • Of all the "extra" cards that are played by any players, the highest spade gets half the pot!  If there are no spades among the played extra cards, the highest hand gets the whole pot.  Again, the extra cards must be played to count for this high-spade competition - but that only means they need to be purchased, not actually used in the player's 5-card hand.  


      This game is a blast!  Of course, watch out - you can only play it with 5 or fewer players, because it requires 9 cards per player.  But definitely test drive it - have a good time!