House Rules








      Also known as "pass the trash," this is where you can help out your neighbors...  But why would you want to do that?  Pass'em some trash, this is a competition!

Step By Step:

  • Every player is dealt 7 cards, all face-down.

  • Each player passes two cards to the right, and one card to the left.  You must pass your cards before you can look at the ones that are coming to you.

  • Each player selects the 5-card hand they'll play from their available 7 cards, and discards the remaining 2 cards.

  • Each player places their 5-card hand face-down on the table;  a round of betting takes place, starting to the left of the dealer.

  • Every player simultaneously flips one of their 5 cards.  A round of betting follows, starting with the highest showing hand.

  • Every player simultaneously flips a second of their 5 cards.  (Note that a player can choose to flip his cards in any order; however, everyone must flips cards at the same time.)  A round of betting follows, starting with the highest showing hand.  

  • The flip/bet process is followed until all five cards are revealed, and the winner claims the pot!


      This game involves a good bit of strategy, memory, and bluffing.  It definitely helps to remember exactly which cards you gave to your neighbors, and which you received from them.  Generally, this game involves a lot of players pretending to have a full house by revealing two pairs, then not having the final card to make a full house.  Often people will bluff straight flushes when they only have the straight or the flush.  Also, remember to pace yourself, because there is a lot of betting!  It's a great game.