House Rules






Chase the Queen


      An interesting variation on 7-card stud, with dynamic wild cards...


        This is just like 7-Card Stud, but with an interesting system for wild cards.  Queens are always wild.  Also, whichever card most recently followed a face-up queen is wild.  Therefore, if the dealer deals a queen face-up, and the next card is (for example) a 5, then 5's are also wild.  However, if another queen is dealt face-up later in the game and followed by a 7, then 7's are wild and 5's are no longer wild.  If a queen is the very last card dealt face up, then there are no other wild cards; only queens remain wild. 

        There's a variation of this game called "Black Widow" - in this version, if the queen of spades is dealt face up, all the cards are collected and the hand is re-dealt to the players who are still in. 



         This game can be a lot of fun - it's a favorite at my poker nights!  Hands that win tend to be high, since there are (usually) 8 total wild cards (four Queens and four 8's, for example) at the end of the game.  Enjoy...