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Poker Nights - Choosing a Poker Table


      Chips are absolutely necessary to achieve a good "feel" for you poker night;  Once you've got those covered, the next step is a decent poker table!  There's a huge variety out there, and you can spend anywhere from 50 bucks (for a foldable tabletop cover) to several thousand (for a premium, complete, and real poker table).  In this case, I recommend letting your budget be your guide - then search gambling and gaming stores online to see what you can get for your allowed sum.  In fact, a lot of the ads on this page are probably for just those kinds of places, so check them out!  You'll be helping support this website, too, by the way...  

      Anyway, as you're searching, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • How Big? - Keep in mind how many people are likely to be at your poker nights, and get a table that can fit them all.  However, make sure you also have room for the table in the intended space - or that the tabletop (if that's what you're getting) fits on the intended table.


  • Round - Yup, get a round one.  These are better for social poker than the oval-shaped ones you see on TV poker.  You're al friends, here!


  • Accessories - Do you want the table to have cup holders or chip trays?  Many do; some don't.  Think about how you want your poker night to go, and act accordingly.


  • Make Your Own? - Yeah!  If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a table, you can do pretty well working a couple of hours with some plywood, a bolt of felt, and a staple gun.  Stretch the felt tight, staple it down, and you've got a halfway decent table cover...


Got that table situation covered?  Excellent - now let's check out poker night Accessories...