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Poker Nights - Creating an Ambiance


      So far in this guide, I've been talking a lot about how to create a good "feel" for poker night - with quality chips, a nice table, a good location, and good friends.  But even once all that stuff is set, there are still a few things that can be done about the environment of your poker night - to give it just the right ambiance that'll keep the players coming back.  Here are some tips:

  • Lighting - Poker is a seedy, underground activity by reputation; and playing into that can be fun!  Drop the lights a bit - and if you have a single spotlight that can shine down on the table, that's perfect.  People buy into this kind of cheesy fun more than you might think!


  • Sounds - Don't put on the television in the background, that can be distracting.  However, music is definitely called for - and I recommend something classy.  Jazz or Big Band music can be just right - even nightclub music (the kind that might be sung by a pretty lady in a slinky dress, sprawled across a grand piano) can give the right mood. 


  • Drinks - Definitely.  Doesn't matter what - beer in cans, bottles, or glasses, mixed drinks, wine, anything.  Although what might be best is a Martini or a Manhattan, sitting boldly next to your pile of chips.  Big Player.


  • Smoking - I hate it, personally, and would never allow it at my poker nights.  But if you and your friends are smokers, that haze certainly adds to the right feel for poker night!  Classic.



You're now set for poker night!  Time for the nitty gritty - let's start with the House Rules...