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Poker Nights - When?


      Part of making a poker night successful is choosing a good night, and the right time - otherwise people can be grouchy, tired, bored, or just plain unable to make it.  It's tough to squeeze poker nights into life sometimes - and a good, quality 3 hours of cards is about what you should plan for.  Less than 1.5 hours is hardly worth it, and more than 4 hours starts to feel like a marathon.  Anyway, here are some things to consider on the various days:

  • Monday / Tuesday - These can work, but aren't usually best.  Players might be in "work mode," with too much of the week still ahead of them, bearing down on them literally or just psychologically.  If you do choose one of these days, keep the night early - start right after dinner, or maybe even include dinner (pizzas?) as part of the poker night, and end around 10pm.

  • Wednesday - This is better than the previous two days, the work situation a little nicer.  Also, it can give your hard-working players a good reason to look forward to "hump day."  As for timing on Wednesdays, it's case-by-case - talk to your core crew, and see how late they're willing to play.  I'd recommend starting around 8pm.

  • Thursday - In many ways, this is the perfect poker night.  People are more willing to go late, more likely to drink, and will be in a better mood than all the previous days.  Thursday poker nights will have more of a party vibe, which is definitely something to shoot for!  Start later - 8:30 or so - and go till midnight if you want.  Woohoo!

  • Friday / Saturday - Poker is a lot of fun, but it usually can't quite compete with The Weekend - too many parties, bars, clubs, trips, etc!  If you do Friday, make it a pre-party situation, probably combined with dinner, before going out to the main event.  Saturday can be done anytime except late night - try an afternoon of poker, or a poker/BBQ outdoors...

  • Sunday - Not the greatest day - there are hangovers to deal with, the coming work week to dread, and something just doesn't seem right about gambling on, ahem, a religious day.  But if it's the only day you can do, then do it!  Same as Saturday - anytime but late works here. 



Okay, you've planned your poker night - now it's time to Set Up!