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Three of the World's Coolest Themed Hotel Rooms


Let's be honest: hotel rooms are boring.

The reason every hotel room has a TV and free internet is because there's no fun to be had in your room without some kind of external source of entertainment like Wifi or cable television. These themed hotel rooms change all that so that where you stay isn't just where you stay, it's a vacation destination all its own. Here are three hotel rooms that are more fun than most theme parks:

The Speakeasy Suite at the New York City Carlton

If we're being honest, it's better now that booze is legal and we don't have to worry about mob wars erupting on every street corner. But if we're being romantic, the prohibition era had certain charm. A time when the streets were still dangerous, men were still tough and women were mysterious, or so the pulp detective novels tell us. The Speakeasy Suite lets you travel back in time to the days of illegal booze and gambling with real bingo and casino games inside the room, and plenty of props like tommy guns and period photography and newspapers to set the mood. The suite attracts its share of American history buffs, gamers, and anyone who ever picked up a Philip Marlowe book and imagined themselves walking a mile in his trench coat. Rates vary by season, by discount and by reservation, but Carlton rooms typically start at around $250 a night.

Propeller Island Hotel's Vampire Room in Berlin

Ever wanted to sleep in a coffin in some spooky corner of Europe all day? Look no further than Berlin's Vampire Room in the Propeller Island Hotel. This spooky haunt features a pair of cozy, roomy coffins suspended dramatically on a scaffolding with handrails to help you in and out of your casket. Look: you've always wondered whether or not a coffin would actually make for a cozy bed, and this is the best way to find out. Rates in the area start at around $180 US per night though expect to pay a little more in the busier seasons. The room is popular among visitors with a dark sense of humor, and anyone curious tourists who've always wanted to know what it's like to sleep in a coffin.

Taiwan's Hello Kitty Suite at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel

Taiwan's Grand Hi-Lai Hotel boasts one of the most friendly rooms in the world with the Hello Kitty Suite. Hello Kitty has been featured on just about every type of merchandise that you can name, and they're almost all on display in this room. Hello Kitty sheets, furniture, wallpaper, drapes, towels, bathtub, you name it, it's got Hello Kitty on it. The room even comes with a one-hour Hello Kitty tour of Taiwan with chauffeur included. There's even Hello Kitty Sakura liquor and chocolate tucked away for the adults. Rates start at around $270. The room is popular with children, of course, so there will be plenty of vacationing parents staying here, but you'd be surprised how many adults choose to rent the room just for themselves or a Valentine's date.

These cool rooms really only scratch the surface. Chances are that if you can come up with a cool theme for a hotel room, somebody out there has already done it. Keep exploring and see what you turn up in your travels.


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