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Dave's Guide to Poker Night


      Greetings, all, and welcome to Dave's Guide to Poker Night!  First, a quick look at what this place is all about - there's a lot of poker out there these days, and Dave's Guide only covers some aspects of it - this isn't for hardcore tournament players, it's not about TV or celebrity poker, and we definitely cover a lot more than just no-limit Texas Hold'em! Instead, this is about poker with friends - poker as a pastime, not a profession, to be enjoyed over the course of a night as entertainment.  Don't come here to learn how to win big by fleecing your opponents - hopefully what you learn here will be how to play with the same group of friends, family, or coworkers for years, having fun and not turning them into enemies.  

       This guide presents the way that I've found are the easiest to learn and most enduringly entertaining styles of poker play.  From the house rules and betting systems to the games, the material here is designed to keep poker night accessible to beginners and remain entertaining for experienced players.  It's not THE way to do things; it's just the way I've found that works best!  I hope it can work for you, too.

       In Dave's Guide, you'll find the following sections:

  • Planning - How to go about actually getting a poker night together!  After all, you can't play alone, but if you are, check out a free guide to the top online casinos.
  • Setup - There are things that need to be done to set up a successful poker night; make sure you get things started right!
  • House Rules - These are the overall rules for how poker night works, in general.  All the games work underneath the house rules, which cover things like betting, order of hands, how the dealership changes, and so on.
  • Games - A solid variety of interesting games, some more akin to bingo than traditional poker, that'll keep the players on their toes!  Nonstop Hold'em does get boring after a while, ya know...     
  • Links - Some other good resources out there, for your reference.


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